Birth Chart Readings

Natal Birth Chart Readings are created from the date, time and place of your birth. It is a comic roadmap that will show your personality and give you insight on your life path, challenges you will face and your soul’s major objective.


Innate Connections

Receive a PDF of your birth chart ( natal chart) that includes planetary placements at your time of birth. Investigates your chart to answer questions in any area of your life. 

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Lisa Mohr Natal Astrological Chart Interpretation

Have Lisa interpret your Astrology Chart will give you validation and a greater understanding of your life path and journey. It will help you gain understanding as to why you had the childhood you did, the dynamics that you have experienced (or are repeatedly experiencing), and a new perspective on how to best succeed in your life.



Lisa Mohr Transit Reading

A Transit Reading refers to the current planets Transiting our solar system today. The current planetary transits affect your Natal Chart (the chart created the moment you were born.) This is how we use Astrology to predict and understand certain life events.



Compatibility Reading

Have you ever noticed how you are compatible in some ways with others, but not all? This can usually be explained through a compatibly chart. By comparing planets and the placement, we can see if you “trine/sextile” (have an easy and harmonious) or “square/oppose” (have friction and challenge) each other.



Solar Return Chart Reading

What if you could know exactly what to expect from one birthday to the next?  Wouldn’t it be helpful to know what the stars have aligned for you?

Based on your birth date, location, and time of birth, and the location of your most recent birthday, I can tell you all about your year to come. This includes your mood, sex life, career, children, creativity, family, inspiration, relationships, health, social life, introspection, love, money and more!



Baby Astrological Interpretation

A personality description, how he or she processes their emotions, possible career choices, relationships with friends, family, colleagues, health, gifts, challenges, and more. These interpretations are specifically designed to capture baby´s highest potential during his or her life. For this reason, all charts are created gently and with love.